Lease a Studio/Chair


    At Salon Lilly, we offer two different ways you can own your own business.  You can choose an open floor station or your own a private studio. In a studio, you have your own room with a glass door, a station with mirror, styling chair, cabinetry, storage, and a hanging chandelier in each room.  While leasing a studio, you and your guest will enjoy the privacy of having your own individual space.  You may decorate your salon as you like.  There is a private shampoo room where you may treat your guests to a salon experience.  If you wish to lease your studio part time, we trust you will find the right partner to share your studio with.  Each studio has a lock to the door, so you never have to worry about anyone entering your room while you're not there.  

    The open floor hair stations allow you to your run your business at a less expensive lease, while still having plenty of space, storage, access to the shampoo room, and access to your a private lockable cabinet in the back room.  Your guests will enjoy the view of the beautifully decorated salon. With the open floor stations, your guests will have a true salon experience . 

Please Contact Laura For Studio or Chair Lease: Email:        Phone: 239-284-5564