For the Guests


     You will notice when you arrive at Salon Lilly, there is no receptionist.  That's because we have created an environment where your salon specialists runs their own business.  They are each the owner of their own salon station or room.  They make sure to keep track of their appointments and schedule.  For a salon professional, the freedom to run a business gives them the flexibility to cater to each of their guests.  Each salon professional has a phone line to contact them if you wish to set up an appointment.  Please refer to the "Specialist" section of the website to look up the phone number for your salon specialist.   When you enter the salon, have a seat in the lobby while you wait for your specialist to greet you.  If your specialists owns a studio, you may go directly to that studio.  If you would like an appointment and are looking for the right specialists for you, please find any available professional in the salon.  They'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have.   You may also go through the team bios and choose the right person for you.